The family owned Leticia Herba Llc. was grounded in 2004 to develop and produce cosmetic products. The first full time employee started in 2006. This was followed by the opening of the development laboratory and the office.

The professional competence of the company represented by the members goes back to a much longer time. The owner having the majority partly owned and managed two other companies with similar profile since 1990. She started to work in the cosmetics industry as a development engineer in 1978. Other activities are based on the professional experience of other co-workers.

Today our portfolio includes more than hundred regularly produced products, and hundreds of products developed for one time requirements.


Basis to our philosophy is quality, continuous development, flexibility and speed. What do we mean by those in practice?

  • We use base and packaging material only from reliable sources. Production is exclusively carried out in qualified production sites.
  • Our product development follows the newest scientific results and market leading trends, targets to increase the ratio of natural ingredients.
  • Our product portfolio is developed continuously and according to the requirements of our customers and the trends on the world market.
  • We are the fastest on the domestic market in meeting special requirements for content and packaging.


In order to focus our attention to the realisation of our targets defined in our philosophy, our company does not deal with distribution and marketing activities. Sales is entrusted to our strategic partners, our products can be found besides the domestic markets in several EU countries.

Besides keeping in our hands development and quality control, working with permanent suppliers and subcontractors serves as a basis to our flexibility. Our limited human resources due to the low number of co-workers are concentrated on the management of the purchasing and production activities.


Our CEO being also the main owner is a chemical engineer. She participated in the development of Fabulon and Richtofit products from 1978. Many products of Cecilia and Estrea brands represent her development results as well. As manager she was responsible for development in three different companies in the last three decades.


Our product families being the result of our development and production activities were three times acknowledged with the Hungarian Product Grand Prix.