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We develop the recipe of new cosmetic products for our own branded range and for our regular distribution partners. Our development activity is based on the knowledge of the newest international trends and the use of the most recent ingredients. However, according to the market positioning of a new product we develop topping products with extremely strong effects, but also relatively cheap but good quality products with guaranteed effect. Result of the development can be a single product or a product family as well.

We purchase the ingredients from internationally acknowledged base and effective ingredient suppliers, who guarantee the effect and the permanent good quality.

On request we take care of the EU registration and the documentation of the developed product.


We also take care of the production of cosmetics based on the developed recipe. We control and guarantee the quality of the final product.

We have regular contacts to big domestic and foreign packaging material producers. We cooperate with several printing houses with long experience in label production. Production and filling take place to ISO and GMP certified traditional manufacturing sites.

We can deliver the products sometimes in barrel or mostly in the final packaging. Packaging material is selected together with our partners using their label design. We can also generate the barcode.